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Just Grass NZ, a Wellington-based lawn care company established in 2017, brings award-winning expertise to your lawn or turf project. Led by a qualified horticulturalist with over 20 years of experience on prestigious courses, Just Grass NZ guarantees meticulous care for your green space.

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Artificial Turf

We provide a high-quality selection of Artificial Turf designed to withstand NZ specific conditions. Our turf is not only attractive and soft but also durable and resilient. Explore our range for residential, commercial, or sports applications.

Ready Lawn

Ready Lawn provides an excellent solution for those seeking immediate, lush grass beneath their feet. We offer tailored recommendations for the most suitable grass species for your specific environment, along with expert maintenance advice to ensure your lawn looks fantastic year-round.

Problem Lawns

Is your lawn dry, dead, uneven, or filled with weeds? No worries! Just Grass NZ has the expertise to address any lawn issues and restore it to its lush beauty. Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation with our expert Horticulturalist.

Tight Access Excavation

Masters of restricted access, adeptly handling areas as narrow as 700mm with our excavator and 800mm with our dumper. Our skilled team has the right equipment to deliver precise excavation for construction and landscaping projects. Count on us for expert solutions in tight-access scenarios.


With the guidance of our experienced Horticulturalist, you will receive expert advice and a customized program to ensure your lawn remains in optimal condition throughout the year. We will assess your lawn's health, and apply the appropriate treatment tailored to its specific needs.

Lawn Mowing

Expert lawn mowing services available in the Wellington city suburbs. We follow a regular schedule of every 2-3 weeks to ensure that your lawns remain healthy and vibrant.

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